Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nursery Sneak Peak

We’re finally getting ready for Ms. Charlie.  Daddy is busy doing everything that I can’t do (prepping/painting/demo-ing) and I’m busy picking out paints and fabrics and furniture (the fun stuff!)
Luckily before I went on bed rest (like 2 days before!) we spent the weekend purging her new room, shopping for certain items and laying out a game plan.
I had decided early on that I wanted white furniture, I feel its more versatile (girl or boy) and timeless. For color I chose to go with gray as my base color.  I love Gray as a neutral-it’s modern without being obnoxious and trendy.  Since I'm not big on baby pink I chose Green for the accent color.I LOVE green. Unfortunately since we're having a girl pink is going to be unavoidable.  While registering we quickly realized that we had two choices for most items, blue or pink. I would have picked everything blue, but seeing as Charlie is traditionally a male name, I didn’t want to confuse anyone.  So not to worry there will be plenty of pink in her future! Back to color; So the colors in her room will be white, gray and green.  
P9201977(our paint choices)

(Side note: Adam did have a say in all of this...and it was "whatever you want, you're the designer" Smart man)
Another aspect that had been decided long ago…as in before Charlie was a stencil we found in Chicago while touring Frank Lloyd Wrights studio. Frank Lloyd Wright Wall stencils(if you didn’t know, I’m an architect and FLW is kinda of a famous one) We didn’t end up buying the stencil that day, but we kept the idea in our back pocket. It was Adams idea to use the pattern and create a whole wall mural vs. stenciling a border. I loved the idea of an accent wall and he was willing to do it, so I played around with color options and came up with something we both like.
After those decisions were made, I began shopping for fabrics and furniture and putting a big picture together.  While searching for fabrics we came across two cute prints we couldn’t decide between. They were modern, but definitely child prints and Adam was in love with them both. He asked me, can we do them both?  “Of course!” I said. But then it came in multiple color options and while I loved the green there was this cotton candy pink that was tugging at my heart. So in addition to green, hot pink would be our  2nd accent color.
Premier Prints Ele White/Candy Pink - Discount Designer Fabric - Closet curtain$5.61 Premier Prints Gisella White/Chartreuse  CURTAINS(our curtain fabric. Grandma will be making them since I can’t)
Since then I’ve continued internet browsing and Adam is working on getting the physical room ready.
Here is where is what the room looked like before we did anything:
Here is Adam working away after we cleaned out the space:
And here is my design board with the selected items for the room:
Design Board copy
We’re so excited to get it complete, but even more excited to bring a little girl home to enjoy it!
Oh! And the best part, we’re keeping the double bed in that room, so if you come to visit this is your guest room! (Optional Baby in crib for no extra charge)

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