Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Oh, how I love Michigan in the summer.  The weather is perfect, the trees are green and Pentwater is hopping with activity.
We had a wonderful jam packed 3 days of fun....once we got there.
Adam and I left at different times, on different airlines, to different cities.  He to Chicago on a Southwest Award ticket and me to Grand Rapids via Delta.....with a "Lay-over" in Detroit.
It was storming when we left, my plane sat on the runway a good 20 min before being allowed to fly.  Adam found out they closed the runway 15 min after he left.  So God was on our side.....Then i got to Detroit.  And my 930 flight said 1100pm.
I was being picked up in GR by my oldest girlfriend and she had a nice night planned for us-which we haven't done in Forever....
So I called her and broke the news....then moseyed up to the airport bar.

Finally it's almost time to board 30 go....and i see this girl running towards our gate.
Lisa! I yelled.  It was my good friend Christine's little sister, whom I've know since she had braces.  Poor thing thought she'd missed her flight, and if it had been on time she would have.  So God was on our side....and my waiting around 2 hours was no longer a pain in my neck as we rearranged to sit with each other on the plane and caught up on the 60 min flight.

Adam was being picked up in Chicago by my brothers friend who had also picked up Joe....last I heard they were having a good time driving the 4 hours to Pentwater. ;-)

Finally Friday after a lovely blueberry breakfast Joelle whipped up we headed north.  Adam and Mom had already played 9 holes of golf by the time we arrived.  The day involved sailing-Caroline's first time, swimming off the boat, dinner at the PYC with two of my girlfriends from K-zoo and a sunset sail.  It was a perfect day..minus the fact that i didn't put on an ounce of sunscreen and got cooked :(

Great Wind!
We tied Caroline to the boat-so mom could relax...a little.

Joelle & Caroline down below
We've been friends for....28 years.

Adam, Jonathan & I waiting for our dinner on the dock

The view from the club.
Having fun!
the girls hanging on for dear life-they're first real sail!

A perfect night a perfect sail.

Jonathan was captian all night
Dad & Adam shootin' the shit.
The crew: jonathan, felicia, me, dad, adam & kenzie

ahhhhh this is the life

Saturday we headed to the beach before the wedding.  I realized I had not been to the beach-to "beach" in four years!  Adam had never been either.  Luckily Lake Michigan was warm (78!) so i was able to dunk myself-Adam .... did not.

Adam scootered to the beach

The wedding Saturday night for Ryan & Stephanie was lovely, hot, but really nice.  It was a garden wedding with a big white tent.  Joseph and Nick (both groomsmen) grilled corn on the cob and BBQ chicken.  After dinner fresh baked pies were served and the band began to play.  They had also set up bean bag toss, latter golf, and of course Beer Pong; where my Dad, Joseph and Adam spent the rest of the evening.

Joe & Jen
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Burdick
The Happy Couple

Grilling corn
everyone but Jonathan
Time for beer pong....
The Youngs & the Burdicks-The Newlywed Club

Sunday was a rainy day and after church we played some Texas rummy with my parents.  Later my aunt and uncle came up with Grandma and we had a yummy surf and turf dinner followed by fresh peach pie. MMMM Michigan even tastes good.

Adam and I decided to try and catch the sunset (which happens at 9:30 pm!) and headed to the pier.  Cloud coverage prevented the glorious sight we saw of Friday night, but it was still a beautiful night and to be out there with Adam was special as we talked about the changes in our lives and our goals as we move forward with our marriage.

It was sad leaving-having to come back to reality.  But we made it back safe and sound on the same plane to two dogs who missed us dearly.  Life will slowly shift back into our old routine, but it is nice once in a while, however short, to stir things up and forget life and just have fun.

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