Friday, March 19, 2010

6 Months

Adam & were married six months ago today.

It sounds like such a short time, but in that time so much has changed, happened or progressed. One thing has stayed the same and that's how much we love each other. We have gotten into few arguments-and to be honest I can't remember what they may have even been about. But more often than not we get into laughing and having fun. We're both silly people and try not to take the world to seriously.

We have traveled near and far, spent time with family and friends. Gone through scary times and hard times; but we've done it together. Even now as I'm dealing with my struggling company and a large pay cut-we know we'll rise up because we have each other and we're in it together.

When we got married I had an inscription engraved on the inside of his ring, All You Need is Love. It may be an over played cliché, but it is the motto we live by and believe in. It is also the song that echoed through the church after we were married.

At our wedding Father Anton spoke about the covenant you enter into with each other and God when you’re married. It is this love and union between the three of us that will keep us strong, keep our marriage solid and help us to overcome any barrier the world my bring our way.  So yes in a stripped down version of life, all you need IS love. 

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